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Below you will find regularly updated articles written by the wellbeing team covering a range of topics to help support your mental wellbeing. Please browse all of the articles and check back for new and updated posts.

If you are a student at The University of Sheffield and you would like to share your top tips on wellbeing or have suggestions for future blogs, please email us at:

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Sleep, is essential for all areas of our physical and mental wellbeing. We usually know when we are not getting enough, or how energised...

World Mental Health Day 2021

Sunday 10th October is World Mental Health Day. World mental health day aims to raise awareness and educate people about mental health...

Managing uncertainty & change

Over the last year, we’ve all experienced change and uncertainty on a whole new level to what we might have experienced before. A lot of...

Is Music Good for You?

A quick look at the neuroscience behind the effect music has on humans and a list of the 10 most relaxing pieces of music Most of us will...

Asking for offside

We are now including regular articles written by students on our blog site - this is our first submission that we are delighted to share...

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