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Winter Wellbeing


Tips to look after your wellbeing this Christmas

Obviously, all of us will be in very different situations this winter holiday. But either if you’re travelling to spend time with your family or celebrating alone, remember to take care of yourself during this time! Take some time out from studying and worrying about exams and try to relax, listen to your body and just look after your mental wellbeing.

Need some inspiration?

With a couple of my tips you'll hopefully get an idea of what you could try out in your free time. And believe me, your mind & body will thank you later if you try to implement some of them!

Staying connected

Being away from home or your friends may feel daunting. You should remember it’s never a bad idea to reach out and have a conversation. Checking up on others and hearing how they are doing could also help you to feel more connected. Although spending quality time with your friends or family in person would be the best for your wellbeing, even a message or a short phone call can make a difference.

Getting into a good sleep routine

Whilst being a student with loads of approaching deadlines it might be hard to focus on your relationship with sleep. This winter time might be a good occasion for you to take time to look at your sleep routine - starting with asking yourself if you have any time patterns for going to sleep and waking up. Having set times might help you to plan your day better and get enough sleep without it being stressful. It’s also important to create a restful environment before sleep. Try to make your room dark and reduce use of electronics when going to bed. If you ever struggle falling asleep, try to assess if you have enough physical activity on the day or what you eat, and try to adjust that next time. If you have problems with managing your worries during the night you could try out meditation before sleep, even if it’s just playing a meditation video on YouTube.

Doing something that you enjoy

As many society activities are ending along with the semester, continuing to enjoy your hobby might get more difficult especially if it requires group work. Finding the right equivalent or a new enjoyable activity might be a game changer for quality time with yourself. You can try out many different creative activities like drawing, knitting or dancing, but even reading your favourite book or listening to music that you enjoy can boost your mood. Don’t be afraid to try out new activities as you might find something you enjoy which will go beyond your expectations.

Boosting your wellbeing with food

Everyone knows that a balanced diet gives you extra points in having a healthy lifestyle. But did you know you can use your diet to boost your wellbeing? Yes, that’s right! Unsaturated fat found in foods like olive or rapeseed oil, nuts, seeds and avocados will be the right supply to get your brain going! Eating whole grain food, fruit and veggies will nourish your body so you have strength for many activities during the day. Sometimes a bad mood or energy loss can be caused by some deficiencies, for example in iron. The best way to boost your iron levels is to eat red meat, plant based proteins, dried apricot or dark chocolate. Of course, we can’t forget about hydrating yourself well! If you don’t drink enough water it can impact your concentration, memory and mood.

You could also try out activities from the Winter Wellbeing Calendar by the British Red Cross:

Written by Dagmara,

301 Student Intern

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