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Sexual Communication - Why is it Important?

Communication in any relationship is indispensable for creating a strong bond between a couple and a part of that communication is communicating about your desires and fantasies.

Sexual Communication is when you and your partner are able to express your needs and wants without the conversation being awkward, taking into account what the other feels. It is a fulfilling, satisfying, and fun part of life. The physical aspect of a relationship is an important part and communicating with your partner about it only helps to make it better. Sexual communication will make it easier for you to take pleasure in sex with safety and have a satisfying sex life.

Physical Communication: Communication is not linked with words only. Sometimes, a gentle hand placed on your shoulder or back, a simple glance at you or even a wink are enough to lure someone towards you. Healthy and amazing sexual activity is procured mainly through physical intimacy. Almost all the time, couples find out what the other is thinking even without asking them. ‘Actions speak louder than words’ is proven to be very true in this case. So, ensure that you understand the physical cues of each other.

Sexual Directions: Giving your partner verbal or physical direction is an integral part of achieving a satisfying sexual life. He or she needs to be informed of where to touch you and where not to in order to turn you on. If your partner is clueless about what you might want or expect in bed, sexual gratification will not only become impossible but may turn disastrous. If there is verbal communication between you such as, ‘kiss me’ or ‘touch me there’, the sexual experience will become ten times better. This happens only when there is respect and healthy sexual communication.

Conversational Communication: Sexual urge is aroused only when there is vocal communication. All relationships require good oral communication. Communication-related to sex must be done tactfully without making it awkward or uncomfortable. It will help solve many issues in your sexual and love life. You must focus on what your partner might prefer doing more or may work around issues that cause strife and eventually resolve them.

Intimacy: Emotional, as well as sexual intimacy, requires honest communication. Some display their inner inhibitions while others are reserved in matters of expression on sexual life. Each of us is accustomed to different and unique styles of communication with our partners. It is important to be able to comfortably and smoothly express yourself and get instant feedback from your partner in order to be compatible with each other.

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Mar 26

Sexual communication is so important! Love what is said here. For more information on sexual communication, check out this blog here

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