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As you start to settle into your university life, you may notice starting to feel ‘homesick’.

Homesickness is when we feel unsure, missing or longing for something we previously had, it’s about transitions, change and adapting to change.

At home, we had a familiar routine (school, college, hobbies, social events and day-to-day tasks) and were surrounded by our friends and family. We knew what we needed day-to-day, we had dreams and aspirations. Moving away from home, you find yourself surrounded by unfamiliar surroundings, with unfamiliar people, studying a new subject and having to adapt to a new way of learning and culture. We can start to feel unsettled and homesick (missing the familiarity and stability of life before uni).

When experiencing homesickness you can feel a range of emotions: anxiety, panic, low, sad, tearful, irritated, as well as worries; which could be worrying about being at university, your studies or making new friends. You may even be questioning why you chose your course or if you even want to be at university. You may start to worry that you're not academic enough to be able to complete the course, noticing a lack of confidence and self-esteem. These can be really normal thoughts and feelings when feeling homesick, the important thing is to talk about them. Your Wellbeing Advisor can offer a listening ear, we offer a non-judgemental and confidential space for you to talk openly about how you are feeling.

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When feeling homesick, it’s helpful to make sure you start to make new connections. This could be through joining a society or activity where you can meet new people. Developing a new routine for yourself, make your new home a safe, personal and cosy place to be and make sure you keep in touch with friends and family.

Below are some helpful links for further reading or resources.

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Students Union - clubs and societies

Global Campus - We have a varied programme of events and activities designed to help you settle into Sheffield and meet other students.

SWW - Peer support groups


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Written by Katie Kay Wellbeing adviser - Faculty of Computer Science

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