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Freshers Fear?


As the start of the new academic year begins and students begin their University journey, we wanted to share with you a podcast from the Charlie Waller Trust who are discussing the ups and downs of fresher's week. Stigma to Strength: Fresher Fear

It can be natural to feel quite overwhelmed and worried as you begin life at University. If you are feeling this way and want to think about how you can manage your wellbeing during this time have a listen to the Charlie Waller Podcast as students discuss in their own words how they have looked after their wellbeing during fresher's week, covering topics from drinking culture at Uni, cost of living at Uni and managing your wellbeing during those first few weeks. The podcast is based on students personal experience's during their time at University and is an easy listen for anyone wanting to feel a little more at ease as they navigate the first few weeks at University. You can listen to the podcast via Spotify or Apple Podcasts. During this time you may also feel you'd like to talk to someone at University if you are struggling to adapt to University life, feeling overwhelmed, feeling homesick or generally feeling like you could do with a little extra support as you progress through the first few weeks at University. If this is the case please feel free to contact the Wellbeing Team. We are here to support you throughout your time studying and can offer you 1-1 appointments to support you to manage any difficulties you may be experiencing.

You can contact your faculty wellbeing adviser by accessing our website where you can book an appointment.

We look forward to meeting you and wish you the very best as you begin the new academic year.

The Wellbeing Team

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