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Wellbeing Wednesday in the Garden Room

Updated: Jun 7, 2022


Every Wednesday we are offering face to face wellbeing drop-in appointments during your dedicated time of study. We aim to provide on-hand support, offering a reflective space to check in, unwind and meet with a Wellbeing Advisor.

A Wellbeing Advisor will be on hand in the garden room between 2-4 pm each Wednesday. You may decide to book an appointment to discuss a particular wellbeing concern, find out more about the Wellbeing Service and how it can support you, or use the session to debrief after an intense day of study and help you start to unwind.

We understand how inextricably linked wellbeing and learning are. Whilst learning is extremely influential to your sense of wellbeing, looking after your overall wellbeing will help inform your ability to learn and improve your learning experience.

The Wellbeing Service will be here for you, each week providing support and guidance and a friendly face should you need it.

So why not combine the value of studying in a supportive environment, with support from a Wellbeing Advisor, to help you take care of your needs, so you can get the most from your time of study.

Best wishes,

The Wellbeing Team

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