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Student Parent Group @TUoS

Updated: Feb 8, 2021

Being a parent is rewarding but can be tough at the best of times and under the current circumstances, it can make juggling responsibilities very difficult. Meeting other parents in a similar situation can be a helpful way to feel supported and offer an opportunity to share and hear experiences about the highs and lows of being a student and a parent.

The Student Wellbeing Service is running an online student-parent peer support group for student parents from all faculties. The purpose of the group is to provide an informal space to connect with each other in a supportive and non-judgmental environment, with a focus on wellbeing. The sessions are facilitated by a trained Wellbeing Advisor who also has experience of being a parent.

The group will run once a month, on the last Tuesday of each month, at 1:00 pm for 45 minutes starting on Tuesday the 23rd of February. It will initially be offered as an online meet but with a view to moving to a face to face offer when we return to campus.

Please check out our events page to find out how to join us:

Best wishes

Emily Vickers

Student Wellbeing Advisors - Faculty of Social Sciences

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Apr 23, 2022


i only just found out about student parents. am i the only one here? or is this service no longer available ? i appreciate your reply

Student Wellbeing Service
Student Wellbeing Service
Oct 24, 2022
Replying to

We apologise for not seeing your comment sooner, we had not been alerted that your comment had been made. The parent and carer group relaunches tomorrow (25th Oct 2022) at 1:00pm and will continue at this time on the last Tuesday of every month. You are very welcome to join.

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