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Migration Matters Festival

Updated: Aug 14, 2020

MIGRATION MATTERS FESTIVAL is the largest Refugee week Festival in the UK. It is pay what you feel theatre and arts festival that celebrates the positive impact migration & refugees have had on Sheffield & the UK.

Since the outbreak of Covid-19 and its impact across the world, the organisation has decided to host an online and digital programme, which continues to celebrate sanctuary and inspire hope for all migrant, refugee and sanctuary seeking artists.

In a time of great disconnect between people. We want this year to allow the world’s communities to come together and be inspired, moved and entertained.

What are the wellbeing benefits of engaging in this?

The festival offers entertainment, education and enrichment. You can get involved in physical workshops such as the Hip Hop Dance Workshop, watch a play like Pizza Shop Heros or attend a panel discussion with the likes of Magid Magid. Engaging with other communities gives us a sense of connection in a time of isolation and a feeling of togetherness in a world that can feel divisive.

We hope that you find something that interests you in the line up and are able to feel connected with others.

For a full line up of events please follow this link.

Caitlin Lastra

Student Wellbeing Advisors - Faculty of Social Sciences

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